Which pastures are heated and insulated water sinks suitable for?

Terrui's watering troughs are designed with a combination of water inlet, outlet, heating and Internet of Things (IoT) systems, which are suitable for all kinds of livestock and ensure that the livestock can drink clean and warm water at any time. With the help of the water tank, cows can take enough water after eating, thus promoting food digestion and nutrient absorption, improving and enhancing the digestive function and internal circulatory system of livestock, helping livestock to maintain good gastrointestinal function and take enough nutrients, and playing a positive role in improving production.

September 15, 2023

Which pastures are heated and insulated water sinks suitable for?

What problems can a lack of water cause?

1. Reduced appetite and digestive ability of livestock

2. Livestock development is delayed, and livestock weight gain is delayed.

3. When the weight loss of 20% due to lack of water, it will lead to the death of livestock and bring irreparable economic losses to the ranch.

Second, the matching design of the number and size of indoor and outdoor watering troughs for each livestock on the ranch is critical.

With the rapid development of animal husbandry, the drinking water of some backyard farmers and dairy communities can no longer meet the requirements of quality and safety, and the problems include: simple equipment, not automatic water, artificial one-time water injection, and no one maintains the equipment for a long time, resulting in the breeding of various microorganisms. In winter, there is no heat preservation, and it is easy to freeze, resulting in various diseases caused by livestock and a decline in milk production.

Scale farms generally consider automatic water heating and heat preservation drinking troughs, drinking troughs are generally divided into electric heating and heat preservation drinking troughs and stainless steel liner heating drinking troughs, and at the same time to ensure that the number of drinking troughs in the house and outside the house, to provide livestock with adequate and appropriate temperature of the drinking water.

Drinking trough drainage should be recommended to use organized drainage, drinking trough drainage outlet through the PVC pipe into the outdoor corrugated drainage pipe after the final convergence to the soakaway pool, to reduce the barn mud

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