Terrui Ranch Service Documentation

Terrui Ranch Service Documentation
TERRUI 01  Calf Hutch

Ecological pasture land

                   Calf islands can be arranged in rows or staggered. Place in the summer under the shade of trees, in front of trees, and in a place that                           helps to cool the ambient temperature. In winter, it is placed leeward to the sun, behind the wind can be sheltered, conducive to                                 reducing the wind and raising the local ambient temperature.

TERRUI 02      Industrial  Fan

◆ The ventilation problem should be taken into account when the cow house of the dairy factory is newly built. In summer, the temperature of the cow house is high, and the excrement produced by the cow is easy to generate ammonia gas, resulting in the odor of the cow house, which is also adverse to the milk production of the cow and the health of the cow.

◆ Cattle farm fan can effectively solve the problem. The installation height is 2.5m and the fixed frame is adopted. The indoor temperature can be reduced by 5-10 degrees Celsius effectively under the condition of full opening. Keep the cows comfortable in the barn.


Through detailed conversations with customers, the inspection team has an in-depth understanding of the production, operation and development trend of family ranch, and puts forward feasible guidance to the farmers. According to the requirements of the project, carry out a comprehensive and detailed inspection on the cattle farm that undertakes the project construction, and adopt a combination of listening to the report, checking the operation of the equipment system on the spot and checking the data for acceptance, to ensure that the acceptance process is standardized and the acceptance standard is strict.

TERRUI 03   Cow Deinking Trough

In order to ensure adequate drinking water for cows, we repair and maintain drinking water facilities and drinking water pipelines. Before the coming of winter, we can take some anti-freezing measures to avoid freezing water management in cold weather and failure to supply water in time

At the same time, many of our farms now use electric heating. Circuit detection must be carried out here to prevent electric leakage and electric shock to cows.

We all know that freezing water in cows during the winter can cause miscarriages. So we have to tell the ranchers how to set the temperature for drinking water in winter, what weather to set the temperature and so on.

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