Shanghai Terrui International Trade Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Terrui International Trade Co., Ltd.
About Terrui

Company Profile

Terrui International Co., Ltd. is a company established in 2002 that specializes in the development, manufacture and sale of livestock equipment.  The company is one of the leading suppliers of cow drinking water dispensers, circulation fans, calf hutch and pens, veterinary accessories,and electric fencing in domestic and global markets.

Since our founding, we have developed over 100 products and obtained 25 patents.  Our company focuses on product quality and has established a quality control system.  Since 2013, our operations have been mandated to comply with the ISO 9001 QMS.  So far, our products have been highly praised all over the world and sold to over 60 countries.  Our goal is to make livestock healthier and more comfortable.

Company Culture

Terrui Company believes that everyone looks the same at birth, corresponding to the last breath they take. The appearance of descendants is also the same. The key lies in the process during this period, which we call the journey of life, or simply life. Along this journey of life:

  • Being a little wiser brings more happiness than being ignorant.

  • Being healthy brings more joy than being weak and sick.

  • Having a job earns more respect than being unemployed.

  • Being recognized by an organization is more honorable than not being recognized.

  • Integrating into a team reduces risks compared to going it alone.

  • Giving roses to others leaves fragrance in our own hands.

  • To achieve the above statements in life, we must rely on our actions.

  • Despondency, laziness, greed, arrogance, rebellion, bad habits, and the like are the biggest stumbling blocks that hinder us from walking the path of life well.

Quality Control

Quality Control

We believe that Strict quality control, fast delivery and good after-sales service are our best feedback to our customers.

In the past 20 years, we have received a lot of recognition and trust from customers. We believe that Strict quality control, fast delivery and good after-sales service are our best feedback to our customers.

Our History



January: Shanghai Terrui Company was registered and established in Shanghai.

March: The "Terrui Bowl," named after Terrui Company, was listed, marking the determination to "work hard and serve customers."

June: Completed the registration of the Terrui trademark.


October: Participated for the first time in the World Dairy Expo held in Wisconsin, USA.


April: Undertook the first domestic standardized dairy farm project installation, realizing a comprehensive service-oriented enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales, installation, and after-sales service.

August: Introduced rotational molding production lines, taking the first step towards becoming the world's number one supplier of dairy farm water troughs.


January: Relocated to Fengxian Factory, honing our skills for ten years to create "Chinese Quality, Terrui Wisdom" – China's first welfare dairy factory.

October: Rated as an "A-level Credit Enterprise" for enterprise information evaluation, while the China International Electronic Commerce Center evaluated the company's credit status as A-level.


December: Successfully launched the world's longest monolithic plastic water trough, China's first four-meter frost-proof and heat-insulated drinking trough.


January: Historic moment – Terrui's tenth anniversary celebration.

April: Perfectly launched plastic fans leading the trend of heatstroke prevention and cooling, obtaining invention patents.

June: Successful delivery of the "Shandong Dadi Wanhoutou Ranch" project, ushering in an era of supplying products and providing comprehensive services for domestic large-scale ranching group companies.


March: Established the Texas branch with a new business model, close to the market, and efficient service.

October: Awarded the title of "High-tech Enterprise" in Shanghai, and obtained "3C" certification for fan motors.


November: Invited to become a member unit of the "China General Machinery Industry Association Fan Branch."

December: Sales performance exceeded 100 million yuan.


January: Honored with the title of "Top 100 Enterprises in Qingcun Town, Fengxian, Shanghai."

March: Terrui's Russian company was registered and established in Moscow.

August: Groundbreaking ceremony for the Dafeng Terrui Base.

September: Rated as "AA" contract credit rating for 2015-2016.

December: The CRM system for domestic and international sales departments and the Changxiang software went online.


August: Construction started at the Dafeng Terrui Base.


October: Dafeng Terrui Base was put into operation.

December: Signed a contract with Dingjie ERP and reached cooperation.


January: After 18 years of development, we have accumulated for a long time and are ready for the new era of Terrui, starting again in Dafeng.

May: Kunshan branch was registered and established, and the Foreign Trade Department II and E-commerce Department moved in, bringing in fresh blood.

September: Dingjie ERP officially went online.


Terrui's independently developed Internet of Things smart ranch system was launched.

Terrui successfully adopted integrated heating plates for heating water troughs, making them safer and more efficient.

Terrui independently developed energy-saving and efficient PMSM motors, suitable for all Terrui fans.

Establishment of the US branch.

Factory Show

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Honor & Certificates

Certificate of Approval
Certificate of Approval
Certificate Forchinacompulsory Product Certfication
Certificate Forchinacompulsory Product Certfication
Management System Certificate
Management System Certificate


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