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38'' Square Panel Fan

Terrui's 38" Circulation Fan is a cutting-edge device made for ranch owners, cooling and ventilation equipment dealers, and sellers of livestock equipment. With its PMSM motor and double hollow polyethylene frame, this industrial fan lasts three to five times longer than regular metal shells. The fan blade made of stainless steel is simultaneously formed and riveted, guaranteeing low noise, high airflow, and balancing. With a 380V permanent magnet motor providing outstanding performance, it has a minimal temperature rise, good efficiency, and approximately 40% energy savings. With the integration of the fan and Terrui's IoT system, farms can benefit from increased productivity, lower expenses, and higher profits through intelligent shed informatization and remote management. Our 100% comprehensive inspection and 23 quality process tests ensure longevity and dependability.

Terrui 38" circulation fan with PMSM motor, the outer frame adopts a polyethylene double hollow frame. The service life is 3-5 times that of an ordinary metal shell, atomizing process, and molding.  It is durable and does not rust. Good heat dissipation, high efficiency, large torque, and more durability, The fan can be equipped with Terrui's Internet of Things (IoT) system, Realize intelligent informatization of shed, and remote management. Help farms become more efficient Reduce costs, and increase revenues.

Technical Specifications of 38'' Square Panel Fan

Product Name38"/1M REFINE Circulation fan
Product ModelFBA002EC
Frame Size1140*1140*300mm (L*W*H/mm) 44.8"*44.8"*11.8"
Frame MaterialHigh-strength double-layer PE
InstallationEquipped with multiple pre-drilled installation holes/parts to accommodate various installation methods.
Max Airflow28273m³/h
Air Speed

5.0m/s- 6m to the fan

2.6m/s-12m to the fan

Max Air Distance23m/75.4inch
Blade Diameter38''/0.96m
Blade Material4pcs 304 stainless steel (1mm thickness)
Bladeriveted in one time, good balance and low noise
MotorOuter rotor permanent magnet brushless DC motor
Rotation Speed750r/min (20%-100% speed control)
Input Power410w
Air Volume/W68.9m³/h
Protection LevelIP55
Quality Inspection

(1) Fan dynamic balance test

(2) Noise test

(3) Vibration and rotational concentricity performance test

(4) Fan blade speed test

(5) Airflow test

(6) Overall efficiency test

Features of 38'' Square Panel Fan

  • Can be equipped with the Terui Internet of Things APP system.

  • Insulated and Rust-Free Housing.

  • Outer rotor permanent magnet brushless DC motor.

  • 23-Step Quality Process Inspection. Every fan undergoing 100% inspection (including noise, vibration, blade speed, airflow, concentric performance, efficiency, etc.). The fans exhibit excellent heat.

  • dissipation, high efficiency (direct drive), substantial torque, and enhanced durability.

  • Low Power Consumption, High Airflow. Fan blades made of 304 stainless steel, with each blade being formed in a single riveting process. They have good balance, provide high airflow.

  • 38" Circulation Fan adopts a customized case, which has a long service time, stable structure, and good sealing.

  • Using EC permanent magnet synchronous motor, with large air volume, strong wind speed, low noise, and low energy consumption, will not cause an environmental stress reaction.

  • Fan installation is simple, has diverse styles, and can be customized according to customer needs.

  • The blade adopts 304 stainless steel blade, which is formed once and has good balance, which can effectively reduce the spread of air virus and make your cattle and sheep more healthy and comfortable.

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