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Cattle Drinking Bowls

A drinking bowl is an essential device for conveniently and efficiently providing drinking water to cattle. These bowls are designed with durable and hygienic materials to ensure long-lasting use and easy cleaning. The auto-fill function helps maintain a consistent water level for the animal, promoting hydration and health. Suitable for use in a variety of livestock environments, the drinking water bowl ensures that your herd has access to clean and fresh water at all times, leaving them healthier and more comfortable than ever.

Technical Specifications of Cattle Drinking Bowls

Part No#
Flow Rate
(l/gal per min)
Braided HosePackage

Features of Cattle Drinking Bowls

  • Cattle Drinking Bowls Suitable for cows or beef cattle.

  • Made of heavy-duty, impact-resistant polyethylene. One time rotoplastic process, strong fall resistance, high strength, longer service life.

  • Sealed and automatically controlled high flow float valve always keep fresh water available, can also save water, reduce sewage discharge and sewage treatment pressure.

  • Cattle Drinking Bowls are easy to install and clean, keep the water clean and hygienic, and let the cattle drink fresh water for a long time.

  • Cattle Drinking Bowls are safe to use, and can effectively prevent the drinking water from scratching the cattle and avoiding the trauma to the cattle.

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