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Terrui Dairy Visual Soaking System

Terrui Dairy Visual Soaking System,Soak the cows, save water and reap the rewards of increased production on your farm. Soaking only when the cow is present and conditions are warranted, lets you know that every drop of water yields a return on investment, all without wasting resources or overwhelming other systems. Smart Soaker makes soaking not only possible but profitable for your farm.

Technical Specifications of Terrui Dairy Visual Soaking System

Mode of operationsingle-point sensing, individual spraying
Starting conditionson the basis of set temperature and time, spray when there are cows, no spray when there are no cows
Coverage150cm horizontally, 190cm vertically.
Nozzle flow0.9-1.8l/min

Features of Terrui Dairy Visual Soaking System

This advanced solution is designed to provide tailored comfort for your livestock, ensuring efficient cooling based on the presence of dairy cows in the cooling zone. 

  • Intelligent connected APP system for remote control

  • Precise spraying, more water-efficient, save 45% compared with traditional spray system

  • Larger water droplets for quickly wetting the cow's hair, reaching the surface of the cow's skin for rapid cooling

  • Stable operation, safe and reliable, reducing maintenance rates

  • Spraying error rate is less than 3%

  • Can switch to regular spray mode with a single button

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