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Fence Voltage Tester

The Fence Voltage Tester is a simple and convenient fence tool designed to quickly and easily test the voltage of electric fences. It is compact, portable, and simple to use, making it ideal for farmers, ranchers,  and anyone who needs to regularly check the voltage of their fences for safety and security. With its clear digital display and durable construction, The tester is designed to ensure the reliability and safety of your electric fence working effectively.

Technical Specifications Of Fence Voltage Tester

Material:ABS, Copper
Voltage level:200-10000V
Description:Can be use at night
Voltage Range:0.2kv-12kv
Application:Measures voltage on any metal wire, poly wire, rope and poly tape

Features Of Fence Voltage Tester

  • The fence voltage tester can easily test the voltage of the electric fence, and the operation is convenient, flexible, and cost-effective.

  • It features a simple design with easy-to-read LED indicators that show the strength of the current in the fence.

  • The fence voltage tester can accurately measure the distribution voltage of the fence in operation, and the instrument itself has high voltage tolerance and is suitable for measurement needs from different angles.

  • The fence voltage tester has a long-distance transmission function, which is composed of two parts: a detection transmitter and a handheld receiver, which is convenient for mobile phone viewing.

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