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72 Inch Circular Panel Fan

A 72" panel fan is a large, industrial-grade fan designed for efficient air circulation in expansive spaces such as warehouses, barns, or factories. It features a 72-inch diameter blade assembly housed within a panel structure, offering powerful airflow capabilities. This type of fan is ideal for cooling, ventilation, or drying applications, ensuring a comfortable and productive environment.

Technical Specifications of 72'' Circular Panel Fan



Product Name

72’’ Panel fan

Product Model


Frame Size


Frame Material

High-strength double-layer PE


60mm pipe installation



Max Airflow


Air Speed

6.2m/s- 6m to the fan 4.5m/s-12m to the fan

Blade Diameter


Blade Material

6pcs Alloy(4mm thickness)


riveted in one time, good balance and low noise


Outer rotor permanent magnet brushless DC motor

Rotation Speed

345r/min(20%-100% speed control)



Input Power


Air Volume/W


Protection Level




Quality Inspection

(1) Fan dynamic balance test (2) Noise test 

(3) Vibration and rotational concentricity performance test

(4) Fan blade speed test (5) Airflow test (6) Overall efficiency test

Features of 72'' Circular Panel Fan

The 72" panel fan boasts features such as a high-capacity airflow design for efficient space ventilation, durable construction for longevity, energy-efficient motors to reduce operating costs, variable speed settings for customizable airflow, easy installation mechanisms, and low noise operation for minimal disturbance. It’s designed for industrial or agricultural settings requiring large-scale air movement.

  • Can be equipped with the Terui Internet of Things APP system

  • Insulated and Rust-Free Housing

  • Outer rotor permanent magnet brushless DC motor

  • Full alloy fan blades ensure the strength of the blades while providing strong and uniform airflow

  • Designed with guide vanes based on fluid dynamics principles, the angle of the airflow can be adjusted as needed to cover a larger and farther area with fresh air

  • During the winter, the fan operates at the lowest speed, which not only enhances air circulation inside the barn but also effectively reduces air humidity. This contributes to achieving balanced heat distribution inside the barn, maintaining the optimal temperature and humidity in the cattle shed environment

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