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Calf Milk Feeder

A useful equipment for feeding calves on a dairy farm is the Calf Milk Feeder. This bucket is easy to carry and feed because it has a pleasant grip and is made of sturdy plastic. Filling and cleaning are made easier by the large hole. Its large volume makes it perfect for giving calves milk or grain. Long-term use is guaranteed by the strong structure. The dependable and effective Calf Feeding Bucket will improve your calf-feeding regimen.

Technical Specifications of Calf Milk Feeder

Suitable for steel gate calf pen
Impact resistant plastic, no rust
With 6pcs high quality teats
With 2pcs high standard hot dip
hook and bolt for installation
Each compartment holds 1.8L
Total volume of 37.7L
Length1140mm(44.9"), Width246
mm(9.7"), Height274mm(10.8")

Features of Calf Milk Feeder

  • Using simulation nipple type suck nursing method, more conform to physiological requirements of newborn calves, give the calf comfortable, natural, motherly feeling.

  • Reinforced bucket body, strong and durable, assembly type nipple design, tight connection with bucket body, no leakage, makes milk feeding more convenient.

  • The barrel body with its hook, which can be easily fixed on other objects.Equipped with lifting handle, easy to carry and convenient to use.

  • This calf milk feeder slows down gulping which prevents choking and also promotes salivation, which is essential for proper digestion and stomach development.

  • The calf feeding bucket with its scale to control the amount of milk, scientific feeding.

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