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45'' Square Panel Fan

The 45" Circulation Fan is an essential tool for dairy farms, providing optimal air circulation for cows' comfort and maintaining a healthy environment. With its large blade size and powerful motor, this fan effectively distributes air in large pasture or milking parlors. High-quality imported polyethylene material ensures durability and long-lasting performance. Create a comfortable and productive environment for your cows with the 45" Circulation Fan.

Technical Specifications of 45'' Square Panel Fan

Product Name45"/1.2M REFINE Circulation fan
Product ModelFBA012EC
Frame Size1400*1400*300mm (L*W*H/mm) 56"*56"*11.8"
Frame MaterialHigh-strength double-layer PE
InstallationEquipped with multiple pre-drilled installation holes/parts to accommodate various installation methods.
Max Airflow40713m³/h
Air Speed5.0m/s- 6m to the fan     2.6m/s-12m to the fan
Max Air Distance30m/98.4inch
Blade Diameter45"/1.14m
Blade Material5pcs 304 stainless steel(1.2mm thickness)
Bladeriveted in one time, good balance and low noise
MotorOuter rotor permanent magnet brushless DC motor
Rotation Speed610r/min(20%-100% speed control)
Input Power600w
Air Volume/W67.8m³/h
Protection LevelIP55
Quality Inspection

(1) Fan dynamic balance test

(2) Noise test

(3) Vibration and rotational concentricity performance test

(4) Fan blade speed test

(5) Airflow test

(6) Overall efficiency test

Features of 45'' 45'' Square Panel Fan

  • Energy efficient

The fan uses an advanced external rotor permanent magnet synchronous motor, which is efficient, energy-saving, stable, and maintenance-free for life.

  • Comfortable

The high-speed air generated by the fans not only cools the cows but also reduces the spread of insects and viruses.

  • Durable and long service life

The fan features a corrosion-resistant, high-strength polyethylene housing and all-alloy fan blades that provide strong and uniform airflow while maintaining the strength of the fan blades.

  • Convenience

The fan not only has large air volume, strong wind speed, low noise and low energy consumption, but also can be used at the same time with the spray system, frequency conversion and temperature control system.

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