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Wood Post Insulator

Wood Post Insulator is a high-quality product designed to securely attach electric fencing to wooden posts. Made from durable materials, this insulator provides a strong hold and protects the fence wire from damage. Easy to install and suitable for different types of electric fencing, the Wood Post Insulator is a reliable choice for any fencing project. Its sturdy construction ensures long-lasting performance and helps maintain the integrity of the fence line.

Technical Specifications Of Wood Post Insulator

Product Name:Screw in ring insulator
Head Material:Impact resistant plastic
Screw Material:Galvanised steel
Apply:Allow wire, poly wire, poly rope
Color:Black, yellow, red or custom
Application:electric fence, cattle fence, sheep fence
Styles:Please contact us for more styles

Features Of Wood Post Insulator

  • The wood post insulator has excellent insulation, high strength, sun protection, rain prevention, weather resistance, and no deformation characteristics. It is more environmentally friendly and completely harmless to people, pets, and wildlife.

  • The insulator head is made of high-quality new composite material: PP+PE, with a smooth surface and no burrs. It has excellent resistance to high and low temperatures.

  • Wood post insulator chute can fix wires without energy loss.

  • The slot design of the insulator can firmly fix the wire, reduce wear, and extend the service life of the wire, and the screw design allows the wire to be inserted with just one twist.

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