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T-Post Insulator

Keep your livestock safe and secure with Terrui Electric Fence T Post Insulators.  Terrui's high-quality insulators are designed to withstand even the toughest weather conditions, ensuring your fence stays strong and reliable. Terrui's insulators are easy to install and durable in design, suitable for all types of electric fences. T-post insulators are a must-have for any fencing project and the perfect choice for any farmer or rancher.

Technical Specifications Of T-Post Insulator

Product Name:Snap-on T-Post Insulator
Material:Impact resistant plastic
Apply:Allow wire, poly wire, poly rope
Color:Black, yellow, red or custom
Application:electric fence, cattle fence, sheep fence
Styles:Please contact us for more styles

Features Of T-Post Insulator

  • T-Post Insulators are made of high-density polyethylene for UV protection. Durable, high brightness, smooth surface, won't hurt your fingers.

  • T-Post Insulator can resist the corrosive effect of harsh environments very well,  which greatly prolongs its service life.

  • The T-post insulator has a bright yellow color to make people and animals aware of the electric fence. Easy to find when you drop it.

  • T-Post Insulators are widely used. Electric fence wire rack. The wide jaw can be made through high strength, multiple wires, ropes, and braiding. Maximum diameter 6.5mm.

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