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Foamer Teat Dip Cup

The Foamer Teat Dip Cup is an indispensable tool for preventing and testing cow mastitis in the dairy industry. Crafted from premium plastic, it is designed with a foaming feature that creates a rich lather for thorough teat coverage. It makes pre and post-dipping safer and easier. Easy to use with a handy clip and the detachable topper design guarantees easy cleaning. Make sure the herd is healthier and more comfortable than ever.

Technical Specifications of Foamer Teat Dip Cup

Used for pre-milking and post-milking dipping
non-return, more healthy usage
Foamer, save liquid usage
Impact resistant plastic
Volume 300ml
Length68mm, Width68mm, Height220mm

Features of Foamer Teat Dip Cup

  • Premium Material: The Foamer Teat Dip Cup is made of the best possible plastic that is supple, durable, and simple to clean.

  • Safe and eco-friendly: The non-toxic, safe teat dip cups won't hurt your cattle.

  • Practical: Before milking, the teats are sanitized using the teat dip cups. vital to all forms of agriculture.

  • New design: Easy to use, with a clip that fastens to a belt for convenience.

  • Simple to use and effective: Before securing the blue upper cup, you can place a teat dip into the transparent plastic bottom chamber thanks to the two chambers.

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