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1.13m/3.7ft. Sheep Water Trough

A customized watering system called the Sheep Water Trough is designed to accurately and conveniently supply water to sheep. Sturdy and easily cleanable materials ensure long-lasting use and sanitation in the construction of this trough. The trough's dimensions and design are intended to make it easy for sheep to access, encouraging the animals to drink enough water. The Sheep Water Trough is a dependable option for ensuring that sheep always have plenty of fresh, purified water. It is perfect for use in sheep pens or pastures.

Technical Specifications of 1.13m/3.7ft. Sheep Water Trough

Part No#
Flow Rate
(l/gal per min)
Braided HosePackage

Features of 1.13m/3.7ft. Sheep Water Trough

  • To supply water to sheep, use an electric warming system that maintains an appropriate degree and a clear water flow.

  • The sheep water trough is known for its excellent affordability, effectiveness, and ecologically conscious design. It can lower the risk of illness, stop freezing and heat preservation in the winter, stop heat in the summer, and increase the intake of sheep.

  • The sink's construction is composed of food-grade, high-density polyethylene, and its soundproofing layer is built of polymeric bubbling technological advances, which offer extended service life, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, and ultraviolet resistance.

  • Because of its extremely excellent security characteristics, the drinking water device can effectively keep the sheep from being scratched and suffering harm.

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