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  • blue plastic cattle water trough

2.8m/9.1ft. Cattle Water Trough

2.8m/9.1ft.Cattle Water Trough's durable, impact-resistant polypropylene construction. Through one-shot Roto-molded process, the trough achieves strength and long-term use.This trough is designed to withstand the wear and strain of frequent use in agricultural settings. Cattle are guaranteed a consistent and ample supply of water due to its large capacity.The robust structure and design help to prevent spills and pollution while maintaining the purity and freshness of the water.For your livestock to stay hydrated, you need to install and maintain the Cattle Water Trough, which is a simple addition.

Technical Specifications of 2.8m/9.1ft. Cattle Water Trough

Part No#
Flow Rate
(l/gal per min)
Braided HosePackage

Features of 2.8m/9.1ft. Cattle Water Trough

  • Imported polyethylene rotary molding, beautiful appearance, longer service life.

  • The double-layer construction effectively keeps out air and water, minimizing the effects of external influences on the water in the trough and preserving its excellent thermal qualities in both the summer and the winter.

  • Bolt design featuring a unique open-close structure. It is quick and simple to operate, high yield, labor-saving, and efficient.

  • Equipped with an automatic water input system, and timely replenishment to ensure that cows and other livestock have access to an ample supply of free, clean water.

  • This cleaning drainage system is simple and easy to maintain fresh water at all times.

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