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Return Teat Dip Cup

The Return Teat Dip Cup is an essential tool for dairy farmers. This cup is made of high-quality plastic and features a return valve that allows excess teat dip to flow back into the reservoir, reducing waste and ensuring efficient application. With its user-friendly design and durable construction, the Return Teat Dip Cup provides a controlled and consistent method for teat dipping, promoting udder health in cows.

Technical Specifications of Return Teat Dip Cup

Used for pre-milking and post-milking dipping
Impact resistant plastic
Volume 300ml
Length68mm, Width68mm, Height220mm

Features of Return Teat Dip Cup

  • Premium Material: The Return Teat Dip Cup is composed of soft, long-lasting, and easily-cleanable plastic of the highest caliber.

  • Safe and environmentally friendly: Your cattle won't be harmed by the non-toxic, safe teat dip cups.

  • Useful: The teat dip cups are used to sanitize the teats prior to milking. essential to any agriculture.

  • New design: Simple to use, with a belt-attaching clip that makes it easy to use.

  • Easy to use and efficient: The two chambers let you insert a teat dip into the transparent plastic lower chamber before fastening the blue upper cup.

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