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Pigtail Post

Pigtail post, as its name says, the shape is similar to the pig tail.It is a lightweight temporary fencing, which is quick and easy to install. The Electric Fence Steel Step-in Pigtail Post is made of spring steel, which has high tensile strength to withstand the high impact from animals or external forces.This lightweight post is ideal for temporary and electric fence enclosures or permanent line wire grazing applications in a variety of heights.

Technical Specifications Of Pigtail Post

Product Name:Heavy Duty Pigtail Post
Material:Φ8 mm high standard galvanised spring steel
Apply:Allow wire, poly wire, poly rope and tape
Color:Yellow, White or custom
Application:electric fence, cattle fence, sheep fence
Styles:Please contact us for more styles

Features Of Pigtail Post

  • The shape is similar to a pig's tail. It is a lightweight temporary fence that is quick and easy to install.

  • Pigtail post installation does not need to damage the surrounding environment, and the ground pile is directly driven into the ground, which greatly reduces the cost

  • The migration is simple and fast, and it is possible to migrate anytime and anywhere to reduce the impact on the environment

  • The top of the pigtail fence post is covered with plastic insulation in various colors to increase visibility.

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