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72'' louver fan

72" circulation fan is a large air volume, which can effectively achieve environmental cooling and directly drive a large fan. The fan adopts a more energy-saving and efficient permanent magnet brushless motor, and the overall efficiency is increased by 10% compared with ordinary direct-connected fans. 72" circulation fans are made of anti-corrosion materials as a whole and are installed on the fan bracket as a whole, which is sturdy and durable. High performance and reliable quality, effectively solve the problem of cooling in usage scenarios.

Technical Specifications of 72'' louver fan

Product Name72"/1.83M REFINE Circulation fan
Product ModelYKA072DEC
Frame Size2015*2015*455mm (L*W*H/mm) 79.3"*79.3"*17.9"
Frame MaterialHigh-strength double-layer PE
InstallationEye bolts are pre-installed for chains
Max Airflow120193m³/h
Air Speed6.2m/s- 6m to the fan     4.5m/s-12m to the fan
Blade Diameter72"/1.83m
Blade Material6pcs Alloy(4mm thickness)
Bladeriveted in one time, good balance and low noise
MotorOuter rotor permanent magnet brushless DC motor
Rotation Speed345r/min(20%-100% speed control)
Input Power2000w
Air Volume/W60m³/h
Protection LevelIP55
Quality Inspection

(1) Fan dynamic balance test

(2) Noise test

(3) Vibration and rotational concentricity performance test

(4) Fan blade speed test

(5) Airflow test

(6) Overall efficiency test

Features of 72'' louver fan

  • Energy-efficient

The fan is powered by a state-of-the-art external rotor permanent magnet synchronous motor, which is steady, energy-efficient, long-lasting, and requires no maintenance.

  • Cozy

In addition to keeping the cows cool, the fans' high-speed air also slows the transmission of illnesses and insects.

  • Extended and robust lifespan

The fan's high-strength polyethylene casing resists corrosion, and its all-alloy fan blades maintain their strength while producing a powerful, consistent airflow.

  • Practicality

The fan can be used in conjunction with a temperature control system, spray system, and frequency converter. It also boasts a big air volume, powerful wind speed, low noise, and low energy consumption.

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