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24FT Ceiling Fan with 8 Blades

The HVLS 8-blade industrial ceiling fan, compared with similar products on the market, has incomparable outstanding advantages in terms of performance, quality, and appearance, among others, enjoying a good reputation in the market. The blade surface was designed using large-scale fluid mechanics simulation, featuring enhanced wall thickness, high-performance aluminum alloy, electrostatic spray treatment on the surface, and easy cleaning and wear resistance. It works together with the control system to improve the intelligence of fan control.

Technical Specifications of 24FT Ceiling Fan with 8 Blades

Part No#NamePowerAir Flow (cfm)Drive Mode
Blade Size
YBA073AL08EC24FT ceiling fan with 8 blades2000560000direct7300

Product Name24FT/7.3M Ceilling fan
Product ModelYBA07306ECA0
InstallationAdaptable to various roof types with different clamps
Max Airflow14300m³/min
Coverage Area1400m²
Blade Diameter24FT/7.3m
Blade Material6pcs Alloy
MotorOuter rotor permanent magnet brushless DC motor
Rotation Speed55r/min(20%-100% speed control)
Input Power1500w
Air Volume/W9.53m³/min
Protection LevelIP55
Quality Inspection

(1) Fan dynamic balance test

(2) Noise test

(3) Vibration and rotational concentricity performance test

(4) Fan blade speed test

(5) Airflow test

(6) Overall efficiency test

Features of 24FT Ceiling Fan with 8 Blades

The 24FT ceiling fan motor uses a state-of-the-art external rotor permanent magnet synchronous motor, which is silent, reliable, energy-efficient, and requires no maintenance for life.

PMSM motor, bring good heat emission, high efficiency(direct drive), big torque, long-life usage. High strength with ribs to reinforce the Aluminum blade.Maximal air performance, high efficiency, and easy to maintain, and install.

The 6005 aluminum alloy ceiling fan blade ensures air circulation in the work area with its big air volume, low noise, and superb balancing.

A lot of places, like machining shops, gyms, ranch milk halls, etc., use large ceiling fans.

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