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Calf Pen

The Calf Pen is an essential enclosure for young calves in a dairy farm. Made of sturdy materials, this pen provides a secure and comfortable space for calves to rest and grow. The spacious design allows for freedom of movement while ensuring safety and protection. The pen features a convenient gate for easy access and feeding. Keep your calves healthy and well-cared for with the reliable and practical Calf Pen, a key component for calf management in dairy farming.

Technical Specifications of Calf Pen

Part No#NameMaterial
NSG192CSide PanelLLDPE192/75.67.5/2.95110/43.3
NSG122WHRear PanelLLDPE122/487.5/2.95110/43.3
NSG122WFMFront Door FrameLLDPE122/486/2.36110/43.3
NSG905WQFront DoorLLDPE90.5/35.614.8/5.8299.8/39.3
NZJ110Milk Bottle Holder
Steel wire with
powder coating
EMB106Milk Bottle with Nipple
PE bottle, rubber
ELT220Milk Bucketstainless steel22/8.6622/8.6615/5.9
NZJ124SSMilk Bucket Holderstainless steel22/8.6622/8.6615/5.9

Features of Calf Pen

  • The Calf Pen can be used together with the Calf Hutch, which is more convenient to use together and reduces the damage to the calf.

  • Three Calf pens in a group, simple installation, overall stability, and firmness. With sufficient height and strength to ensure that calves will not easily cross or break.

  • The Calf Pen has two bucket holders in the front enclosure for easy mixing of raw food. The whole hot dip is galvanized, with good corrosion resistance.

  • The Calf Pen can withstand the impact of animals and harsh environments and can maintain good conditions for a long time.

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