Shanghai Terrui International Trade Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Terrui International Trade Co., Ltd.

Ventilation And Cooling Solutions

The Terrui industrial fan is extensively utilized across various sectors including animal husbandry, sports arenas, major amusement parks, airports, docks, exhibition halls, and large shopping centers, among other spacious public venues.


  • Our fan equipment stands at the forefront of innovation, combining state-of-the-art technology with energy efficiency to provide optimal ventilation solutions for livestock operations. Utilizing Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) technology, our fans are designed to deliver superior performance while minimizing energy consumption.

  • The integration of PMSM motors in our fan equipment offers several advantages. These motors are renowned for their high efficiency, resulting in significant energy savings compared to traditional motor systems. By harnessing the power of PMSM technology, our fans deliver robust airflow and ventilation to livestock environments while reducing operating costs and environmental impact.

  • Moreover, our fan equipment is designed for seamless integration with IoT (Internet of Things) systems, allowing for remote monitoring and control via a dedicated mobile application (App). Through the IoT-enabled App, users can remotely adjust fan settings, monitor environmental conditions, and receive real-time alerts, providing greater flexibility and control over ventilation management.

  • With a focus on sustainability and performance, our PMSM motor-powered fan equipment offers a reliable and efficient solution for enhancing air quality and maintaining optimal conditions in livestock facilities. Whether used in barns, poultry houses, or other agricultural settings, our fan equipment is engineered to meet the diverse needs of modern livestock operations while prioritizing energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.

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