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IoT Intelligent Ranch

The IoT Intelligent System, crafted by Terrui, is a sophisticated digital management tool designed for the animal husbandry sector. In conjunction with smart pasture devices, it offers enhanced transparency in managing pastures and introduces a smarter approach to operational practices.


  • Terrui IoT Intelligent System is a digital management software developed by Shanghai Terrui for animal husbandry. Together with intelligent pasture equipment, it provides a more transparent vision of pasture management and a more intelligent mode of operation.

  • The Terrui IoT system integrates farmers' applications, as well as upstream and downstream support of the animal husbandry industry chain. It incorporates intelligent monitoring equipment of the Internet of Things, big data, and IoT technology to effectively integrate the production and supervision system of the entire animal husbandry industry chain. This integration aims to achieve intelligent production, grid operation, efficient management, and convenient service of various aspects of animal husbandry. To facilitate accessibility, the platform offers mobile apps, a PC portal, and other service interfaces, creating a comprehensive and intelligent animal husbandry platform to serve farmers.

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