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Calf Feeding Bucket

The Calf Feeding Bucket is a practical tool for feeding calves on a dairy farm.  Made of durable plastic, this bucket is designed with a comfortable handle for easy carrying and feeding.  The wide opening allows for convenient filling and cleaning.  With a generous capacity, it is ideal for providing milk or feed to calves. The sturdy construction ensures long-lasting use.  Enhance your calf-feeding routine with the reliable and efficient Calf Feeding Bucket.

Technical Specifications of Calf Feeding Bucket

Complete with red teat and gray
valve with pipe
Volume 8L
With steel handle
Easy to move and clean
No assembling

Features of Calf Feeding Bucket

  • Volume scale

The bucket has a volumetric scale on the inside, which can control the milk quantity and feed the milk scientifically.

  • Anti-backflow

There are check valves in the bucket, which can fix the teat and control the leakage of milk. horse feed bucket.

  • Replaceable pacifier

The nipple on the bucket is a consumable item. It is recommended to replace the nipple after 3 months of feeding.

  • Nipple design

Using rubber simulation nipple type suck nursing method, more conform to physiological requirements of newborn calves, give the calf comfortable, natural, motherly feeling.

  • Handle

The bucket comes with a lifting handle, easy to carry and convenient to use.

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