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23FT Ceiling Fan with 5 Blades

The 23FT ceiling fan motor uses a state-of-the-art external rotor permanent magnet synchronous motor, which has an operating efficiency of more than 80% and is silent, reliable, energy-efficient, and maintenance-free for life. The blade surface was designed using large-scale fluid dynamics simulation, with enhanced wall thickness, four stiffeners in the inner chamber, high-performance aluminum alloy, electrostatic spray treatment on the surface, and easy cleaning and wear resistance. Work together with the control system to improve the intelligence of the fan control.

Technical Specifications of 23FT Ceiling Fan with 5 Blades

Part No#NamePowerAir Flow (cfm)Drive Mode
Blade Size
YBA070AL05EC23FT ceiling fan with 5 blades1000W320000direct7000

Features of 23FT Ceiling Fan with 5 Blades

  • A cutting-edge external rotor permanent-magnetic synchronous generator, which is quiet, dependable, energy-efficient, and maintenance-free for life, powers the 23FT ceiling fan motor.

  • The blade surface is easy to clean and wear-resistant, with a large fluid dynamics simulation design, stronger walls, four reinforcement frames inside the inner chamber, high-performance alloy of aluminum, and an electromagnetic spray surface treatment. With a control system, fan control is now more complicated.

  • The large air volume, quiet operation, and exceptional balancing of the 6005 aluminum alloy ceiling fan rotor guarantee air circulation in the work area.

  • A number of locations use enormous ceiling fans, such as metalworking shops, gyms, ranch milk halls, etc.

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