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Electric Fence Polyrope

One dependable and long-lasting fencing solution for keeping pets and creatures in check is the Electric Fence Polyrope. Crafted from premium polyethylene strands, this rope combines strength, portability, and ease of installation. The polytope's electrical conductivity assures, and its UV-resistant construction guarantees enduring durability under a range of climatic scenarios. Electric Fence Polyrope is a flexible option for guaranteeing security and peace of mind on your land and is perfect for both transitory and continuous fighting measures.

Technical Specifications Of Electric Fence Polyrope

Product Name:Electric Fence Polyrope
Material:PE, UV stablized
Wire diameter:Wire diameter 6mm 6×0.2mm stainless steel or customized
Color:Yellow, Red or custom
Application:electric fence, cattle fence, sheep fence
Styles:Please contact us for more styles

Features Of Electric Fence Polyrope

  • Hing Visible.

Yellow and black bright colors make people and animals aware of electric fences. Pulling force up to 65kg.

  • Long Lasting

Contains 6×0.20mm stainless steel strands of electrical conductors. Won't rust. With UV protection, it will last on the farm through years of continuous use.

  • Easy to use

Used with a fence reel. Easy to wind your wire in and out. Suitable for temporary and portable fencing.

  • Save Time And Money

Lightweight and portable. Easy to install, repair, splice, can be re-used many times. Does not rebound when broken, but drops safely to the ground.

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