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2.25m/7.4ft. Cattle Water Trough

The 2.25m/7.4ft. Cattle Water Trough is constructed from sturdy, impact-resistant polypropylene. The trough gains increased strength and long-term durability using the one-shot Roto-molded method. Designed to withstand the rigors of regular use in farming environments, this trough ensures cattle have a steady and sufficient supply of water with its high capacity. The strong construction and design help keep the water pure and fresh, while also preventing spills and pollution. Easy to install and maintain, the Cattle Water Trough is an essential addition for keeping your livestock hydrated.

Technical Specifications of 2.25m/7.4ft. Cattle Water Trough

Part No#
Flow Rate
(l/gal per min)
Braided HosePackage

Features of 2.25m/7.4ft. Cattle Water Trough

  • Constructed through rotation molding using imported polyethylene, this trough features a double-layer structural design for a more elegant appearance and longer lifespan.

  • The double-layer structure efficiently separates air and water, significantly reducing the impact of external factors on the water in the trough and maintaining its good thermal characteristics throughout summer and winter.

  • With a bolt design and an exclusive open-close framework, it is easy to use and fast, yielding high efficiency while saving labor.

  • Equipped with a 60 liter per minute flow float valve and an automated water input mechanism, it ensures timely replenishment to guarantee that cows and other livestock have access to plenty of free, clean water.

  • Featuring an easy-to-clean drainage device to maintain fresh water at all times, this system is convenient and user-friendly.

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