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Electric Fence Polywire

Electric Fence Polywire is made from durable polyethylene material, this wire is lightweight, easy to handle, and resistant to UV rays and weather conditions. The high visibility of the polywire ensures the safety and security of animals while effectively containing them within the designated area. Supported by tension, is stretched between reinforced posts located at ends, corners, and at intervals in between long stretches to form an enclosure or exclosure. Use smaller posts in between to ensure fence wires are kept spaced and upright.

Technical Specifications Of Electric Fence Polywire

Product Name:Electric Fence Polywire
Material:PE, UV stablized
Wire diameter:2mm 3×0.15mm stainless steel or customized
Color:Yellow, Red or custom
Application:electric fence, cattle fence, sheep fence
Styles:Please contact us for more styles

Features Of Electric Fence Polywire

  • Durable

More resistant to corrosion and weathering in decompression spaces, which is even better!

  • Long Enough

The portable livestock fence poly wire measures about 200 meters, which is long enough to wrap around the livestock fence. Superconductive with low loss.

  • Recycle

It can be reused time and time again and will last for years on the farm. The color is highly visible to livestock, keeping them away from the wire and reducing accidental contact.

  • High Quality

It can withstand 15KV ultra-high pulse voltage and is suitable for use in windy conditions, giving you peace of mind that your livestock and crops are safe.

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