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Calf Hutch

The Calf Hutch is a versatile shelter for young calves on a dairy farm. Constructed from durable materials, this hutch provides a safe and comfortable environment for calves to rest and grow. The spacious design allows for ample room for movement and ventilation. The hutch features a secure latch and easy access door for convenient feeding and cleaning. Keep your calves protected from the elements and ensure their well-being with the reliable and practical Calf Hutch.

Technical Specifications of Calf Hutch

Part No#NameMaterial
NTG104RCalf HutchLLDPE220
NFC1551HGSteel Fence
Φ8mm hot dip
galvanised steel with
front 2 holders
NLT260SSRound BucketStainless steel262616
EMB106Milk Bottle with Nipple
PE bottle, rubber

Features of Calf Hutch

  • Calf Hutch adopts high-quality imported hot rotoplastic special polyethylene, and the manufacturing process of one molding makes the product seamless, durable, and long service life.

  • It is independent single-column feeding, isolating cattle from each other, greatly reducing the disease rate and survival rate of cattle with high body height.

  • Calf Hutch has multiple ventilation designs to create a good and comfortable ventilation environment for calves, keep their living space dry and clean, and promote the growth of calves.

  • Simple installation, diverse styles, can choose the appropriate type according to the site.

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