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Stand Up Circulating Fan

The stand up circulating fan can rotate 180 degrees left and right, and tilt 60 degrees up and down. The thickened fan blades provide strong and durable wind. The front and back mesh covers are denser, and the weighted non-slip base is safer, With 3 energy-efficient speeds, this pedestal fan is well suited around the whole house. This fan is ideal for larger spaces such as the bedroom, living room, or near your desk.

Technical Specifications Of Stand Up Circulating Fan

stand up circulating fan
Rotational speed1430r/min1430r/min1430r/min
Blade diameter500mm650mm750mm
Wire diameter1.8mm1.8mm1.8mm

Features Of Stand Up Circulating Fan

  • The dual-blade fan features a centrifugal vortex design, where the inner and outer blades work together. By utilizing centrifugal force, the fan can concentrate the airflow and push it as far as 10 meters away.

  • The fan has three adjustable wind speeds and uses a high-power motor with reliable performance. It also comes with overheat temperature control protection to effectively protect the motor. The fan can deliver a wide range of airflow with a broad angle, and it can be adjusted to multiple angles, including a 90-degree left and right adjustment and a 30-degree tilt angle. The mesh cover is denser to prevent fingers from getting injured, and the thicker mesh is firm and durable, not easily deformed. The thicker metal rod is not easily bent, and the weighted non-slip base ensures that the fan is not easily tipped over, ensuring safety.

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