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Calf Milk Bottles

Terrui's milk bottle is a rubber pacifier designed for calves similar to milk, easy for calves to eat, and can gradually let the small animal away from the mother's good tool. Its capacity is 2 liters, which is enough to meet the daily consumption of calves. With a detachable pacifier for easy cleaning and hygiene. The bottle body is made of high-quality plastic, thickened, safe, healthy, durable, and can be used for a long time.

Technical Specifications of Calf Milk Bottles

Used for feeding single calves
and taking medicines
Volume 2L, with graduation
With high standard food grade
rubber teat
No assembling
Length112mm, Width112mm, Height330mm

Features of Calf Milk Bottles

  • Milk Bottles are made of high-quality food-grade PE material, which is safe and harmless. The food-grade rubber pacifier has good antibacterial performance and a long service time.

  • The capacity of Milk Bottles is 2L, with a scale line on the bottle body, you can see the capacity and consumption during feeding.

  • The bottle body is blown by low-density polyethylene, which is not easy to break in winter and has good fall resistance

  • Milk Bottles adopt an ergonomic design, handle design, easy to take, easy to operate, and labor-saving, which is loved by ranch staff.

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