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Plastic Step In Fence Posts

The Plastic Step-In Fence Posts offer a versatile and durable fencing solution for various applications.  Constructed from robust, heavy-duty molded plastic material, these posts are lightweight yet sturdy, ensuring effortless installation and mobility as required.  The step-in design facilitates a swift and convenient setup without the need for supplementary tools.  These posts are ideally suited for establishing temporary enclosures for livestock, gardens, or landscaping purposes.

Technical Specifications Of Plastic Step In Fence Posts

Product Name:Plastic Step in Post
Material:PP material With a heavy-duty galvanised sharp
Apply:Allow wire,poly wire,poly rope and tape
Color:Black, white or custom
Application:electric fence, cattle fence, sheep fence
Styles:Please contact us for more styles

Features Of Plastic Step In Fence Posts

  • Plastic Step-In Fence Posts are made of heavy-duty molded plastic. Long-lasting plastic surfaces do not rust or corrode, long service life.

  • The step-in tab provides easy installation into the ground with no post-driver or digging needed.

  • Spike on the step-in tab keeps the post from rotating, this simple yet effective mechanism ensures that the column remains securely in place, providing support and stability to the entire structure.

  • Easy and quick installation. Due to its lightweight, and good molding law, on-site installation is also very convenient. It is the best choice for a wire fence or temporary fence.

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