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Wall Circulation Fan

Our wall mount fans provide a controllable oscillation range of 120 degrees horizontally and 60 degrees vertically. You can modify an oscillating fan to meet your airflow requirements in a variety of ways. It is possible to quickly cool the room by pushing the air in the corner. To conserve additional room, wall-mounted fans can be positioned on the wall. Complete with a sturdy steel neck, a metal rod that is soldered firmly, expansion screws, and mounting fittings included in the package. The industrial high velocity fan is appropriate for use in garages, shops, commercial spaces, hotels, and outdoor patios in addition to factories. In fact, it may be used anywhere a fan is required.

Technical Specifications of Wall Circulation Fan

wall circulation fan
Rotational speed1430r/min1430r/min1430r/min
Blade diameter500mm650mm750mm
Wire diameter1.8mm1.8mm1.8mm

Features of Wall Circulation Fan

  • Wall Mount Design:

With a sturdy steel neck and a firmly welded metal rod, our wall-mounted fan guarantees long-lasting sturdiness and a stable, dependable installation.

  • Three-speed adjustable:

wall fan settings let you customize your cooling experience by adjusting the fan's intensity to suit your personal comfort preferences and the circumstances outside.

  • Adjustable Angle:

Take advantage of improved ventilation in any room thanks to this outdoor fan's 120-degree horizontal oscillation and 60-degree vertical adjustment, which provide extensive coverage.

  • Improved Motor:

With the oscillating fan's use of cutting-edge motor technology, you can be sure that it will operate dependably for a longer period of time and consume less energy.

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