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End Insulator

End insulators are a reliable product used to securely secure an electric fence at the end of a line. Made of durable materials with maximum strength and long service life. This insulator provides a strong anchor point for the fence line, preventing it from loosening or sagging. Easy to install and compatible with various types of electric fences, it can be used with most sizes of fence wire. The terminal insulator is an important component to ensure the stability and effectiveness of the electric fence system.

Technical Specifications Of End Insulator

Product Name:End Strain Insulator
Material:PP material
Apply:Used for corner or end of fence
Color:Black, yellow, red or custom
Application:electric fence, cattle fence, sheep fence
Styles:Please contact us for more styles

Features Of End Insulator

  • End Insulators can be used at corners, bends, and fence ends and can withstand pressure to ensure your fence is tight and secure.

  • End Insulators are suitable for multi-wire, multi-core rope, and strain wire, ideal for use with permanent and semi-permanent electric fences.

  • It uses UV-resistant polypropylene, a deep groove to fix the wire or tape in place and prevent distortion, long leakage path that can prevent arc, suitable for most sizes of fence lines.

  • The end Insulator is an important tool for building a strong and safe electric fence.

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