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Dairy cows are cold-resistant and heat-resistant animals, and too high temperature in the barn will lead to the decrease of milk production of dairy cows. According to cattle experts, the appropriate temperature for dairy cows is 10-20°. If the dairy cows are in high temperature, their breathing will be accelerated, their appetite will decrease, and mosquitoes and flies will bite, which will reduce the resistance of dairy cows, resulting in the decrease of milk production. How can you avoid a drop in milk production? Ventilation of cattle sheds is an effective method. Commonly used ventilation equipment is animal husbandry fan. The large fan in the middle agricultural base industry has large ventilation volume and long service life, so it is highly respected by dairy farmers.

According to statistics, every summer, milk production generally to drop 10%-15%, bring great losses to the dairy industry. So it's important to ventilate the cowshed in the summer.

To ensure stable and high yields of dairy cows in summer, the following measures should be taken:

Adjust the temperature in the house: the appropriate ambient temperature for cows is 10℃ - 20℃. The milk yield of cows decreased obviously when the temperature was over 25℃. When the temperature in the house exceeds 30℃, the milk yield decreases about 5% for every 1℃ increase. Therefore, the first to increase the air circulation in the barn, the barn doors and Windows open. Secondly, ventilation facilities such as large fans are installed in the cattle barn to speed up the heat dissipation of the cattle. The 7.32m-diameter large ceiling fan drives the air flow in all aspects, thus generating huge air volume and cooling the cows quickly. In rainy season, the large ceiling fan can also dehumidification and moisture, so as to ensure the milk production of the cows.

Why a big ceiling fan to cool a dairy farm?

Because the wind from the big ceiling fan is a three-dimensional natural wind from all directions, it will bring sufficient fresh air to increase the evaporation area of cow sweat, lower the temperature more quickly, and increase the comfort level. In addition to cooling and ventilation, the big ceiling fan can also achieve a good dehumidification effect. If the barn is too wet, it will also reduce the yield of cows. Therefore, the barn must be kept dry without water accumulation, and the ventilation inside the barn should be good, so that the relative humidity of the barn is controlled below 80%. Achieve the effect of dehumidification and dehumidification.

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