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The progress of science and technology makes the world change with each day. Digital and intelligent equipment and applications have also brought new changes to pasture management, greatly improving the ability of pasture managers to control the overall data and operation situation of pasture.

Terrui Intelligent system is a digital management software developed by Shanghai Terui for animal husbandry. Together with intelligent pasture equipment, it provides a more transparent pasture management vision and a more intelligent management mode.

Detailed data collection and summary

The real-time data on the breeding site, such as ammonia concentration, carbon dioxide concentration, temperature and humidity, etc. are collected by monitoring intelligent devices and uploaded to the cloud platform in real time. The real-time situation of the breeding farm can be learned through the multi-stage warning mechanism and historical data analysis provided by the system. When the data index exceeds the normal range, users can automatically control the breeding environment control equipment, mobile phone control of exhaust, cooling, feeding and other production equipment, timely solve various problems existing in the breeding farm, reduce the production cost of the farm, convenient customer monitoring, reduce the risk of disease of livestock.

Through the function of "APP software", it is presented in front of users in three dimensions, and different warning colors are used to highlight the parts that need users' attention. Users no longer need to soak in a lot of surface data in the laborious screening and judgment, the interface is clear, greatly improving the efficiency of pasture management.

The optimized pasture process takes everything one step further

Terui AI system integrates farmers' application, upstream and downstream support of the animal husbandry industry chain, intelligent monitoring equipment of the Internet of Things, big data and AI technology, and integrates the production and supervision system of the whole animal husbandry industry chain, so as to realize the goal of intelligent production, grid operation, efficient management and convenient service of animal husbandry varieties. Mobile APP, PC portal and other service interfaces are adopted to build a large intelligent animal husbandry platform serving farmers.

A cell phone can control an entire ranch

At the same time, the Teriyat intelligent system is equipped with an independent APP on the mobile terminal. Customers can access the TeriYat intelligent system of their own ranch at any time by using mobile phones and tablet computers. Even if you are not in the barn, you can easily access the data and task recommendations provided by the system and compare them with the field situation in a timely manner.

Smart pasture management system is no longer just the work of office data personnel, any pasture staff can participate in the maintenance and management of cow data, and the smart system can also provide useful information and resources to every employee working in the pasture. The operation of mobile APP is simple and clear, easy to use.

Terrui AI system can realize the comprehensive control of the breeding farm, including the temperature and humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, ammonia concentration, light intensity and timely length, diet, body temperature and very intuitive video image information of the breeding area

Terrui AI system opens the way for data to do the work, an era where individual ranchers can apply their insights to improve the profitability, sustainability and enjoyment of their ranches. Not only that, but forecasting the mission of the ranch greatly lightened the burden. All relevant data is processed into user-friendly information and practical advice is provided.

Digitization will serve you more efficiently than ever before. It will optimize your workflow by providing you with valuable insights anytime, anywhere. Give extra support in your daily routine and planning individual cow contact to make your life easier, your herd healthier and your ranch more profitable.

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