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General environment characteristics of ventilation and cooling in dairy farm:

Animal husbandry dairy farms are usually semi-open buildings, relatively messy, do a good job of ventilation and cooling, the essence is to do a good job of environmental control work, and dairy farm environmental control is related to the growth and development of cows, disease prevention, prolific milk, qualified milk and other aspects, not only the basic production guarantee, but also disease prevention measures, is directly related to productivity, output benefits, can not be ignored.

Dairy farm ventilation cooling solution:

The value of "fan unit combination" ventilation and cooling mode

1, large air volume, super quiet, in the large indoor space to form a natural three-dimensional breeze system, ventilation and cooling without dead Angle, wide coverage;

2, not only can make the staff realize the human body sensory cooling, but also can realize the overall environment cooling, with a certain wind speed, make the human body feel very comfortable. For places with requirements for environmental humidity, indoor air can be kept dry to avoid corrosion and deterioration of equipment and products;

3. Create a fresh air environment, which can achieve comprehensive environmental improvement goals that can not be achieved by using large fans or air coolers alone;

4. Air cooler and fan can use one of the systems separately according to seasonal needs, or even use one or several devices in a system separately to meet the actual needs of customers to the maximum extent and reduce operating costs to the maximum extent;

5, ventilation, cooling, safety, saving, beautiful, all the customers care about the goal of a full realization.

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