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Dairy Farm Equipment Supplier Several High Quality Dairy Cow Breeds Terrui

Create Time: 05 ,12 ,2023

The cow is a kind of milk producing cow breeds, the cow breeding is especially common, many areas of our country have breeding cow, general cow, many people will choose high quality breed, so what are the high quality cow breeds? Let's take a look.

1. Holstein cattle

Chinese Holstein cattle is a breed formed by crossing various types of imported foreign Holstein cattle with Chinese yellow cattle after long-term breeding. It is the best dairy cattle breed in China, as well as the dairy cattle breed with the highest milk yield, the largest quantity and the widest distribution in China. Chinese Holstein cows (Chinese black and white dairy cows) have high milk yield and good feed conditions and feeding management. The average annual milk production can reach 6500 ~ 7500 kg.

2. Sanhe Cattle

Sanhe cattle is a very good breed of dairy cattle, can also be eaten as beef cattle. Sanhe cattle are tall and sturdy, with regular limbs and strong limbs. Their adult bulls weigh 1050 kg and adult cows weigh 547.9 kg, and their milk production is also high.

Dairy Farm Equipment Supplier Several High Quality Dairy Cow Breeds Terrui

3. Juan Shan Niu

Juan Shan cattle are imported from Jess Island in the English Channel. In terms of breed pedigree, they are closely related to Swiss Brown cattle, Devin cattle and Kerry cattle. The biggest advantage of the breed is that it has thick milk, and the milk fat and milk protein content are higher than that of ordinary cows, and the quality milk protein content is more than 3.5%.

4. More cattle racing

Gensai cattle, a medium dairy breed native to the island of Gensai in the UK, are known for their high milk fat, high milk protein and high carotene content in milk. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of high feed conversion efficiency per unit milk, short calving interval, early first calving age, rough feeding resistance, easy grazing, good adaptability to warm climate and so on.

Dairy Farm Equipment Supplier Several High Quality Dairy Cow Breeds Terrui

5. Prairie Red Bull

Grassland Red Bull is a new hybrid variety produced by the cooperation of Jilin, Inner Mongolia, Hebei and Liaoning provinces, using short-horn bulls as the male parent and Mongolian cows raised in the grassland area of China as the female parent, through multi-generation cross improvement and self-herd breeding, under the condition of grazing and feeding.

6. Elxia cattle

Elshire cattle are medium dairy cattle native to Ayrshire, England. The average annual milk yield of this breed is 8181 kg, containing 4% milk fat and 3.5% milk protein. The mature Elshire bull weighs 450 kg and is a red and white bull with varying shades of red.

The above is about the varieties of dairy cows introduced, in the breeding process to pay attention to the selection of dairy cattle varieties, high-quality dairy cattle, is the first step of breeding basis, so be sure to according to the growth habits of dairy cows, choose suitable for local development of breeds.

Dairy Farm Equipment Supplier Several High Quality Dairy Cow Breeds Terrui

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