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The 15th Dairy Industry Conference of Dairy Association of China | Dairy 20 Summit | 2024 China Dairy Exhibition successfully concluded in Wuhan

Create Time: 07 ,10 ,2024

From July 3 to 5, the 15th Dairy Industry Conference of Dairy Association of China, Dairy 20 Summit and 2024 China Dairy Exhibition hosted by the China Dairy Industry Association was held in Wuhan, Hubei Province. Shanghai Terrui AI visual spray, plate fan and other new products were introduced in the exhibition!

A wonderful moment

In this exhibition, Shanghai Terruiy's new plate fan and AI vision precision spray made a wonderful appearance at the C01 booth in Hall A4 of Wuhan International Expo Center, Hubei Province, showing and sharing the company's new pattern and new products, as well as the new concept of innovative enabling the high-quality development of pasture.



Summary of Interviews

Shanghai Terrui has been established for 23 years, the main products including fans, spray, water tank, calves island, health bed and stuff. Our business philosophy from the initial "doing business of cattle and horses, just choose Terrui" to today's "producing fans and sprays for cattle", Terrui’s products have changed from single category to intelligent interconnection. Now each product is no longer isolated existence. The customer groups we serve from dairy cattle farms to today's agriculture, animal husbandry and industry. Terrui has been keeping up with the pace of national sustainable development and information construction.


In this exhibition, we brought 84 inches permanent magnet fan and AI visual spray, which not only filled the gap in the domestic market, but also took the lead in exporting to the European and American markets. Our fan adopts advanced permanent magnet technology, independently developed, with high efficiency, energy saving, low noise and other characteristics, committed to providing a more comfortable breeding environment. The AI visual spray uses artificial intelligence technology to achieve accurate spray, ensuring the rational use of water resources and environmental optimization.

Experience of exhibition

The dairy industry conference provides a bridge for Shanghai Terrui to communicate with the industry and customers. Shanghai Terrui hopes to exchange and share experience with more friends, combine its own production and manufacturing advantages, and constantly innovate to explore a broader development path for the livestock industry! Shanghai Terrui will go step by step, with excellent and stable product quality, professional and high-quality service system, to provide customers with better experience and contribute new value to the development of the industry.


The 15th Dairy Industry Conference of Dairy Association of China, Dairy 20 Summit and 2024 China Dairy Exhibition came to a successful conclusion! This event marks the completion of another important exchange and cooperation in the dairy industry.

Looking forward to the future, Shanghai Terrui will unswervingly uphold the development concept of animal husbandry in the new era, continue to deepen and strengthen the innovation ability and core competitiveness of the enterprise. Firmly take the road of high-quality development, continue to provide excellent quality products for animal husbandry, take scientific and technological innovation as the driving force, and contribute to the high-quality development of China's dairy industry.


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