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Cattle Water Trough: What Are the Hazards of Cattle Drinking Dirty Water?

Create Time: 06 ,15 ,2024

The construction of large-scale cattle farming requires scientific and reasonable planning and design. It must comply with national regulations and be tailored to regional differences, adhering to the principles of cattle farming. The management of cattle and the utilization of equipment are essential keys to enhancing the economic benefits of cattle farming.

Consequences of Unclean Drinking Water

Digestive Problems

     If cattle drink unclean water, it may lead to digestive issues such as diarrhea and stomach pain, similar to humans drinking contaminated water and experiencing diarrhea. When raising cattle, we should try to ensure they can drink fresh water. 

Disease Transmission


Many diseases are transmitted through water. If the water contains viruses, bacteria, or other harmful substances, cattle drinking this water will contract diseases, which can vary in severity. However, preventing diseases is crucial for farming. Unclean water often contains a large number of parasite eggs, leading to parasites entering the cattle's body.

Affecting Growth and Development

     We know that drinking unclean water makes cattle prone to illness. Even minor illnesses require time to heal, and in farming, time is of utmost importance. Each additional day of cattle raising entails further investment, and severe illnesses extend the recovery period. Sick cattle need time for treatment and recovery, which affects their normal growth and development.

Economic Losses

     If cattle drink unclean water, even minor illnesses require farmers to spend money on treatment. Minor illnesses are the least that can be hoped for; the exact disease is unpredictable, making the costs uncertain as well. Treating serious illnesses can result in further complications, and sometimes cattle may die from severe diseases, leading to significant financial losses for the farmers.

Measures to Ensure Clean Drinking Water

  • Provide cattle with clean and hygienic drinking water.

  • Regularly clean the cattle water trough and water sources to ensure no sediments or contaminants are present.

  • Frequently clean the cattle water drinkers and replace the water to ensure the source remains fresh and clean.

  • Regularly check if the water sources are polluted, such as by bacteria or harmful substances.

Food is crucial for cattle because, without it, they can die. Similarly, water is essential since cattle can die of thirst without it. Farmers should not randomly provide water to cattle; the water provided should be clean and hygienic. Unclean water is detrimental to cattle's health. Now, let's introduce livestock water bowls specifically designed for cattle and sheep.

Cow Water Trough Product Introduction


Cow water troughs are made of heavy-duty, impact-resistant polyethylene. The one-time molding process gives the trough higher strength and longer service life.

The interior uses solid polyurethane foam insulation, preventing the waterer from freezing in cold weather and keeping it cool during the hot summer without energy costs.

Offset legs facilitate installation. The rounded edge cattle water trough design protects animals from abrasions.

The sealed, automatically controlled high-flow float valve always ensures a fresh water supply, equipped with a 1'' connector.

No screws are needed to secure the lid.

Heating systems and remote control via an app are available for more options.

Application Scenarios

Heated cattle water troughs are suitable for dairy cows, bulls, beef cattle, horses, deer, sheep, and other farm animals.

Structure and Working Principle

The structure and working principle of cattle water troughs: they consist of the trough body, float valve, and heating plate. The trough body uses a foaming process that provides excellent insulation. The float valve automatically controls the water level. Cattle water troughs are essential equipment in modern livestock farms, ensuring clean and hygienic drinking water is essential for reducing disease incidence.

Product Features

Water bowl features: water-saving, moisture-proof, reducing animal drinking stress, easy to clean and disinfect, and reducing farm labor.

Benefits of Installing Water Troughs

Visible Water Level

Allows cattle to see the water clearly and drink to their fill.


Experiments show it can save over 30% of water, reducing wastewater discharge and treatment capacity.

Safe to Use

Effectively prevents the waterer from injuring calves, avoiding external injuries.

Reliable Quality

Durable, made from food-grade materials, and is a professional export product.


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